And, She’s Off!!!

A female jockey enjoying her win at the derby

God is amazing. And makes me laugh. He’s such a great Father. Almost as soon as I learned that I have the freedom to choose and follow my own desires that are aligned with His will, my dream job contacted me! It’s like I needed to learn a few things, meet a few people, & grow a little before I was prepared to take on what I knew I wanted but had convinced myself maybe wasn’t for me because I hadn’t achieved it yet (and God hadn’t allowed it yet).

I always said I wanted to work:

  • Where education and mental health intersect
  • In my own community
  • Where my kids are
  • Preferably at a place where I have the freedom to verbalize my faith since it’s part of my worldview and hard to keep it contained

Literally that’s the job I interviewed for the day after I wrote the last post (linked above) and was offered a week later!!! My kids aren’t there yet but will be for middle and high school. And the trajectory of my career and where our family will be for the next decade or so was set, so that gives me comfort since we’ve been so transient since…well…forever. I feel free to settle in roots and relax a little. That feels good.

So now I’m School Counselor Amy K. Go Falcons!


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